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MOVEMENT ANALYSIS OF VOLLEYBALL SET set for the set to be executed properly. The five phases of a movement are stance phase, preparatory phase, movement phase, follow through phase, and recovery phase. (Eom, H. J., & Schutz, R. W. (1992) While in the stance phase, the athlete is in a comfortable and balanced position.

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Movement analysis in volleyball Video recording volleyball matches. Benerink and colleagues observed and analyzed five international matches of the... Event analysis. For each event, the researchers identified the time of the serve and the time of contact, focusing on... All serve-pass events were ...

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The set is a very important aspect of the game of volleyball. One player, typically the setter (hence the name), stands at the net and they set the ball to a hitter. One's technique must be good enough to place the ball where it is needed. A good setter is a key concept in succeeding.

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The Critical Analysis of Volleyball Skills Series will begin a Critical Analysis of Setting. It will be a multi-article series covering different components of setting technique. This initial article will focus on the Shape of the Hands and the Setting Story or distance of the ball above and away from the forehead for sets in front of the setter.

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This movement may seem simple when watching a player perform it on the court; however it is a very complex muscular movement. There will be three phases I will explain in this movement. First the athletic position or “start phase”, next the jumping motion or “active phase” and finally will be the landing known as the “ending phase”.

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This video is about the biomechanics of a volleyball set. This video is about the biomechanics of a volleyball set.

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The Attack Time Analysis Chart reveals a variety of sets in each time grouping. The average of all the attacks calculated reveals a distance of 23.62 feet with an air time of 0.37 seconds. The averages range from 0.33 seconds for a 13.47 foot attack to 0.44 seconds for a 33.61 foot attack.

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The Big Answer: It is from here that the above biomechanical factors directly influencing the setter begin to fall together to form the initiation and contact phase of the volleyball set. As the ball is received, the setter is attempting to minimise the amount of contact time and therefore the transfer of momentum from the ball to the hands, and project enough force onto the ball to change its projectile motion towards either their teammates or the oppositions side of court.

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Since the sport requires a variety of movements, different bones, joints and muscles are stressed with each specific skill in volleyball. Here we will look at and break down the muscles and joints required to make a pass and take a look at arm swing and common injuries occurred from "spiking". Before we get into the muscles involved in these skills, let's take a deeper look at what a muscle is and how it contracts...