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Restringing ensures your game remains in peak form. You may feel that your racquet is losing its “punch” at the net. As tension in your strings declines, your strings stretch more at impact, cushioning the ball’s landing and minimizing your racquet’s “squashing effect.”

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Recreational players restring anywhere from every three or four times they play to once a decade, or until the strings break. Tennis string has an unfortunate property—beginning from the very second it is put into the racquet, it loses tension and continues losing tension with every second and with every hit.

Replacing vs. Restringing a Tennis Racket

Restringing. As we mentioned earlier, the general rule of thumb for restringing a tennis racket depends on how much you play per week. If you play 3 or 4 times a week, then you should consider replacing its strings at least 3 to 4 times per year. New strings will ensure high-quality performance.

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If you’re going to play tournaments, we suggest restringing before every tournament so you can play you’re best tennis. For league, high school or college teams, we suggest restringing in the beginning of season, and every week after that until season ends to maintain a consistent stringbed.

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Currently the exclusive stringer for the $100,000 Challenger event in Playford, South Australia. Our staff attend and deliver Restring Workshops at Yonex and Wilson. Several members of our staff are members of the USRSA (United States Racquet Stringers Assoc) Our tennis centres have 4 x Baiardo Restringing machines.

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The MIStringer Personal Tennis Stringing Machine is a uniquely designed option that an avid tennis player who wants to restring their rackets probably has looked at, at least once. For those wondering if this is the right one for them, this review will help with your decision-making process.

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In the way that an older tennis ball deflates over time and doesn’t work as well, the same is true for your strings. Even if they haven’t broken, they need to be replaced periodically. Understand the ways to determine if your strings are damaged and consider having your racquet restrung before your next match.

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