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Football/Soccer Field Safety and Maintenance Checklist

the field for players to run safely out-of-bounds. o o There is a minimum of 50 ft. between fields (if multi-field complex). o o All catch basins are adequately covered. o o The transition area to the track is easily identifiable and level. Comments:

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4 - Media safety zone, 12 foot off the sideline from four major corners 4 - Hash Mark, behind the 8 - Photographer Line, varies from 15' to 18' behind End Line 4 - Spectator Line, 20' from Touch and End Line 26 - Subtotal

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A dense, wear-resistant sod is essential on athletic fields and play areas to provide playing safety, good footing, and a pleasing appearance. Production and maintenance of such a turf depend on the kinds of grasses used, proper design and construction, good soil drainage, proper seedbed preparation, adequate fertility, and a maintenance program which recognizes the special nature of the care involved.

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The field of play should be 125m x 85m (136 x 93 yards), or a minimum of 120m x 80m (131 x 87 yards) and there must be a minimum of 1.5m of pitch beyond the marked playing area. The same ...

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The most common safety score is the two-point safety and it will occur if the ball is announced dead in the offensive’s end zone. There’s also a one-point safety, but it’s so rare most football fans have no idea what it is. The safety position is broken down into two positions, the free safety and strong safety.

Soccer Field Maintenance Management

Figure 1. Field Inspection Report. Maintaining Southern Fields. Figure 2 is an example of a maintenance program that you can tailor to fit the needs of a soccer field in the South or Southwest - usually called the "warm season zone." This is just one example of a maintenance program that one fields manager uses.

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4 - Coach / Bench Player zone, 6 foot off the sideline at 25 yard line mark 4 - Media safety zone, 12 foot off the sideline from four major corners 4 - Optional sideline number pylons 4 - 4 inch hash mark offset from the sideline to support 5-yard lines and 4" x 24" hash mark 20 - Subtotal


Design Standard No. 26 56 68 Date: April 20, 2011 Page 4 of 9 1. Light Levels - Meeting illumination levels for safe play on the field while minimizing lighting impacts off site is the priority design consideration for athletic field lighting

Track and Field Facilities Manual

involves using the interior of the 400m tracks as a pitch for soccer, American football or rugby. Obstacle-free sports areas in the segments at the same level as the playing field, without kerbs over which sportspeople could stumble, can be included in the safety zones. Type of 400m Oval Track