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Opinion on ankle braces? : volleyball - reddit

I play volleyball professionally and I always wear ankle braces. I recomend ASO ankle braces. Unlike Active Ankles, they don't limit your movement and still protect your ankle. I've heard from multiple sports trainers that hard ankle braces may protect your ankle from a sprain but can hurt your knee.

any recommendations for ankle brace? : volleyball - reddit

If you have an ankle injury rehab and strengthen the area properly then return to play. If you do not have an injury any sort of ankle brace will keep you from gaining strength properly in that area and will not prevent an ankle sprain if you land on someone's foot. 10. level 2. CrownFox.

How useful are ankle braces? : volleyball - reddit

Ankle sprains are the single most common Volleyball injury. Shin splints is also very common. The Badger Ankle Brace has a built-in foot orthotic that will reduce the risk of ankle sprains and also help treat shin splints.It allows "normal" motion so you won't get weak or dependent on it. But it stops "excessive" motion to prevent an injury.

Ankle brace recommendation for players? : volleyball - reddit.com

In some leagues, ankle braces are mandatory and professional teams seem to have up to date science on this. But your local physio Joe might still have old claims in his mind. Beach volleyball is amazing for strengthening ankles (which is a must), but conversely indoor volleyball in rigid braces does not weaken the ankles.

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Ankle braces, Fad or here to stay? How safe is it so spike without one? Do I need one to look cool? Close. 0. Posted by. 6' MB. 5 years ago. Archived.

Best ankle brace? : volleyball - reddit.com

Best ankle brace? I have sprained both ankles once in events unrelated to volleyball. I have 2 sleeves that aren't working to well, and am wondering what the best brand/model is.